Event Time: 9.15pm / Event Location: Bannville

Lisa McHugh plans to bring her own special festival spirit to the Bannville House Hotel when she appears there with her band on Friday night.

In recent weeks Lisa has achieved outstanding success by the manner in which she has taken festivals throughout the country by storm with her vivacious personality, stunning stage show and electrifying atmosphere which her bands creates.

Now she is set to recreate this in the Bannville where she is one of the most popular artistes to perform at the successful Friday night dance series there.

“Obviously we have been logging up the miles at festivals all across the country but now we’re set to give it everything at the Bannville Hotel on Friday night and we hope that many of the people whom we have met at the various festivals will be there to see us again,” says Lisa.

It’s Lisa’s dynamic set list and the excitement and colour she brings to her performances that have been winning her thousands of new fans over the course of recent weeks and she plans to put on an extra-special show at the Bannville.

“We have been looking forward to coming back to the Bannville for some time now and it should be a great night,” smiles Lisa.

Her band has been revitalised recently and this along with her ongoing success in the recording sphere ensures that Lisa remains firmly in the public eye.

“We have added elements to our dancing programme which appear to be going down well in the venues and this gives us great encouragement going forward,” explains Lisa, “It’s all down to hard work but the end product is certainly worth all the effort, we feel. We certainly don’t believe in resting on our laurels.”

Doors at the Bannville will open at 9.15 and Lisa and her band will be on stage at 11.00 

Dine and Dance Packages available for £26.95 , to make a reservation please contact reception at 02840628884.